Biology degrees of the future

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A new way of learning

With the addition of Dreamscape Learn, the new biological sciences degrees at Arizona State University build upon what was accomplished with adaptive learning, by integrating virtual reality and XR technologies into its STEM courses and degree programs.

The Dreamscape Learn initiative allows ASU to accelerate education through exploration by transforming biology courses to be emotionally engaging, contextualized and skills-based. Under this partnership, ASU will continue to develop unique virtual reality and 2D labs across the full spectrum of STEM learning offerings.

Explore biology and STEM majors at ASU

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Do you have to be a biology or STEM major?

No. For students pursuing another path, Dreamscape Learn is also available in Bio 100, which can be used to meet general education requirements. Additionally, soon there will be more subject areas leveraging Dreamscape Learn in their curriculum. Anyone interested in learning with cutting-edge virtual reality can enroll.